Which Special Diet Is Necessary For Active Children

Which Special Diet Is Necessary For Active Children?

“Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder” (ADHD) is a disorder of acting psychology which children can easily catch. According to a recent statistics, there are from 3 to 5 children in all 100 getting this disease and have first symptoms before 7 years old.

Nowadays, children have tendency to become too active which makes them always do whatever they want and incapable of focusing on anything viagra online kaufen ohne rezept. Besides, children often feel angry to surrounding people. This behavior has bad effects on relationship between children and family, even their friends. Moreover, it can also affect their study and daily activities.

A useful solution which is mentioned to reduce children hyperactive disorder is building a suitable diet for children. Because following a research on over 200 children in the USA, scientists show that healthy diet plays an important role for active children, either to increase or to reduce this situation. This is a reason why parents are looking for a useful diet for their kids.

So, which food is the best for hyperactive children?

Plenty of minerals: Do you know that minerals like calcium and magnesium have good impact on children’s composure? Some kinds of food which contain these minerals are milk, fish, rice, butter, bean and green vegetables.

Which Special Diet Is Necessary For Active Children

Rich of vitamins: Combination between vitamin B and C in children’s diet is similar to a medicine to reduce stress effectively. Thus, let ensure to provide enough vitamin B which is from grain, rice, poultry, eggs and milk. In addition, you should add more fruit, especially green chilies and tomatoes in their daily diet.

Protein and fat acid – Omega 3: A healthy diet needs to have enough protein and omega-3 to help children’s brain work better. The food that is rich of omega-3 is soybean, sun-flowered seed, sesame, and cashew.

Which Special Diet Is Necessary For Active Children

Which food should not use for hyperactive children?

Sweet food: Sweet food and other dishes made from sugar will make children become over energy and fat. As a result, children may have trend to be more active. Therefore, parents should not allow them to eat too much cake, biscuit, candy and soda.

Allergic food: If children have allergy to some food, parents should let them avoid these food in daily meals. Because it makes them feel uncomfortable and want to act more.

Which Special Diet Is Necessary For Active Children

Coffee: Coffee, tea, and caffeine contain lots of acid to reduce the pH in the body. Thus, the body must control the pH by stimulating muscles to work. In addition, caffeine which is in chocolate, candy and soda can reduce essential minerals for children’s nervous system.

In conclusion, parents should pay attention more to daily meals for children to prevent the disease as soon as possible. Besides, parents may refer to doctor’s advices to have a scientific schedule for practicing, studying and playing which helps children have the best health.