Coffee – How Many Cups Should You Drink A Day

Coffee – How Many Cups Should You Drink A Day?

Is there any direct relevance between the amount of coffee that you drink every day and your health?

Up to this time, we can see that there are many researches about the benefits of coffee to our health and its ability to prevent some diseases. So, the question is: how many cups of coffee a day can improve your health and prevent disease?

There are many pros from the habit drinking coffee regularly. They are listed below:

– A cup of coffee a day

According to many scientists, drinking coffee frequently will reduce the risk of diabetes due to axit chlorogenc in coffee. This compound of coffee will decrease the glucose in the blood, increase the sensitivity to insulin, and reduce the quantity of fat and reserve. Thus, it can prevent the common ill – diabetes. According to a research in 2009 that was published on Annals of Internal Medicine, more than 450,000 people who drink a cup of coffee a day can reduce the risk of diabetes about 13%. But it’s not all. Every cup of coffee (contains caffeine or decaffeine-without caffeine) that you drinks in addition in a day can reduce the risk of diabetes for more 5-10%.

Coffee – How Many Cups Should You Drink A Day

– Two cups of coffee a day

A recent research on 400,000 people disclosed an amazing discovery for everyone who loves coffee in the entire world. That showed you can live longer with drinking coffee. This research was published online on New England Journal of Medicine, and it also confirmed that if a man drinks 2-3 cups of coffee a day, he will reduce 10% the risk of death. The number is 13% with women.

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But wait! The best result from this research showed that if women drink 4-5 cups of coffee per day, the risk of death will reduce 16%. Another similar research of American Heart Association was published on Circulation Heart Failure newspaper showed that drinking 2 cups of coffee a day can prevent 11% the risk of stroke.

– 3 cups of coffee a day

There’s a good new for ladies who love sunbathe. After the recent study analyzed 112,876 indicates in over 20 years, they said that women who drink 3 cups of coffee a day or more can decrease the risk of skin cancer when compared with women drink less than a cup of coffee a month.

– Four cups of coffee or more a day

Researcher in National Cancer Institute watched a haft of million America people in 15 years. They realized that people drink 4 cups of coffee at least, no matter it is caffeine or decaffeine, they will reduce 15% the risk of intestinal cancer.

Coffee – How Many Cups Should You Drink A Day

The Harvard School of Public Health also joins in to do research and confirms that men who drink a lot of coffee, caffeine or decaffeine, have the ability to make the risk of prostate cancer in a research with over 48,000 men. Other men who drink 6 cups of coffee a day at least will have the possibility of any development of prostate cancer lower about 20%.


These researches are based on the America or European coffee drinking habit, the quantity of caffeine in a cup of coffee may be different from other places. According to many researches, the maximum content of caffeine that is absorbed in an adult should be limited at 300mg.

Besides, you should use pure coffee to guarantee the quality as well as your health. You can find pure coffee from a popular reliable brand in big supermarkets in your city.