Best Drinks In The Summer

Best Drinks In The Summer

In the summer, hot weather often makes you feel tired and anorexic. The cause is an increase in sweating causes the body to become lack dehydrated and mineral salts.

To fight the heat of summer, you should choose fruit juice because it not only provides sufficient water but also helps the body to add vitamins, minerals, and necessary enzymes. Fresh fruit juice every day also helps detoxify the body, strengthen immunity, resist fatigue and create freshness to the skin.

Summer is the most wonderful of the year because there are so many characteristic fruits that the other seasons have hardly fruits, such as mango, jackfruit, durian, longan, coconut, watermelon, apricots, pears, peaches, pineapple, plum … All of them can be used to make fresh juice which is tasty, nutritional, and cheap and easy to process.


In the above fruits, watermelon is the best choice for the summer. Watermelon smoothies contain 91% water and 8% sugar, vitamin C, and vitamin A … In addition to refreshing effect; watermelon is also very good for digestion, natural weight loss, prevention of stroke and heart attack, reduction about the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, kidney stones, asthma.

Best Drinks In The Summer

Method: 1,500 g watermelon, 30ml honey, 100g lemon, a few grains of salt, 50ml fruit wines.

Watermelon is peeled and washed, then you use a blender or press for the juice, squeeze lemon adds honey, salt, fruit wine into squeezed watermelon juice, stir, and put in a cool part of the refrigerator for the users. It has many benefits such as detoxification; laxative … can be combined with sugarcane juice as possible.


Let’s start a new day with a glass of orange juice because it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Orange juice helps to strengthen the immune system, reduce cholesterol and stabilize blood pressure. It also helps to prevent cancers, including breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Method: 2 oranges, 10 ml honey, pure ice.

Oranges are washed, then you peel an orange and cut it in half, do not take seeds, put in a grinder to split into water, grab a bit chopped orange peel. Next, the remaining orange peels remove the outer shell is dismantled the orange zone, and you remove seeds. Cut orange into large cubes.

Adding orange juice, honey, sliced oranges, ice cubes into the jar, shake well, and sprinkle some finely chopped orange peel on top, then drinking when it is cold.

Best Drinks In The Summer


Best Drinks In The SummerDrink from the mango is also very refreshing and great for summer. Mango contains vitamin C and antioxidants. It helps digestion, improves the function of the cardiovascular system, reduces stress, and prevents cramps and kidney stone formation.

Method: 3 ripe mangoes, a few grains of salt, 300ml water, 100g jaggery. Mangoes are peeled and washed, cut out inner layer; boil the pot of boiling water within 30 minutes for pulverization. Then add jaggery or brown sugar and stir and cook for another 15 minutes.

You cool and place in jar, use cold by adding ice cubes (using portable ice maker) into cool compartment refrigerator. This drink has a protective effect against stroke due to heat and fatigue.


Pineapple is a fruit that contains almost all vitamins, minerals and necessary enzymes for the body. Bromelain in pineapple juice help reduce pain caused by arthritis and swelling after surgery. Pineapple promotes digestion well, helps you lose weight, reduces the risk of heart disease and strengthens the immune system.

Method: 1 ripe pineapple, 200 ml water, 100g granulated sugar, 1 jar of yogurt, ice cubes.

Firstly, you peel pineapple, cut into small pieces, soaked in salt water 5% about an hour to release toxins causing itching.

Then you put pineapple, yogurt, water and sugar into a blender, bring a glass of water, add ice into, shake well and enjoy the cold pineapple smoothies.

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Pomegranate juice contains vitamins B, C, E, A and antioxidants which 4 times more than green tea. The juice will help increase blood flow to the brain and heart. Its effects are to reduce blood pressure; prevent cancer, osteoarthritis, and atherosclerosis; remove plaque and protect against oral infections.

Method: 1 large pomegranate, 3 teaspoons of white sugar, 200ml sparkling mineral water, ice.

You cut in half pomegranate, put into the machine to extract water, remove seeds, then mix sugar and carbonated mineral water, and stir well. When drinking, you should add ice.


Strawberry juice is an excellent detoxification. The antioxidants in strawberries may help prevent rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and stroke. It reduces the risk of cancer, protects against macular degeneration, removes tartar and stabilizes blood sugar. In addition, strawberries contain much folic acid which is good for pregnant women and helps to prevent birth defects to the fetus.

Best Drinks In The Summer

Method: 500 g fresh strawberries, 50g white sugar, 1-liter fresh milk.

Strawberries are washed; next, you quarter a strawberry, mix sugar in 10 minutes.

You use a blender; add fresh milk depending on interest of each person,

You pour it into a cup, can decorate beautifully and enjoy it.

Sugar beet

Red beet contains a lot of iron, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C and carbohydrates. Drinking sugar beet juice helps to develop red blood cells as well as decrease blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Science has proven sugar beets can support in the treatment of anemia, digestive disorders, gallbladder disorders, and help recover health, reduce stress, slow down the growth of cancer cells, detoxify the liver and kidney.

However, pure sugar beet juice has a pungent odor which is difficult to drink and there are some substances that can be harmful to the stomach. So while processing this drink you should combine with other fruits such as carrots, cucumber, watermelon, apple, plum, pineapple, pumpkin…

Method: 1 red beets, 150g watermelon, 1/2 carrot, 1 juiced oranges, ice.

Watermelon, beets, carrots are peeled and washed, put into the blender. You pour into glasses, add ice and available squeezed orange juice, stir and enjoy it.


Drinking grape juice will make you feel comfortable and help combat fatigue caused by heat. Especially the purple grapes contain many calories, vitamin C, and powerful antioxidants. Purple grape juice helps improve memory and immune system. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and prevents premature aging, anemia, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and constipation.

Best Drinks In The Summer

Method: 500g purple grapes, 100g white sugar, 300ml water.

Fresh grapes are washed; you crush orange lightly, mix sugar into a saucepan and boil for 40 minutes, and you sometimes stir it.