9 Tips To Use The Ice Smartly

In reality, the ice has not only the pain-reducing effect but also the uses to polish bottles and vases or deodorize the smelly rubbish.

Watering the plants:

Due to the air cleaning effect of the indoor plant pots, decorating your house with them is very beneficial. For some flower pots on the high position or some plant pots with large roots, you can find it difficult to water them because the water can overflow. Therefore, it would be better for you to put many ice cubes on the surface of the soil to make sure that the ice can gradually melt and then the water can penetrate into the ground.

Relieving the bitterness of the medicine:

For the children that are sensitive to the bitter taste of the medicine, it is a nightmare for them when they have to take medicine. To deceive their taste, you can give them an ice cube to suck before taking medicine. Before freezing the water to ice, you should put a spoon of sugar into water to get the best efficiency when you help your kids take medicine.

Reducing the pain caused by injection

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Applying some ice cubes on the area of your body that is going to be injected will reduce the painful and fearful feelings of the kids. Although it can not be very effective for the children’s pain in some first minutes, it can help them feel better after being injected.

Applying on your eyes with the ice cubes:

The best way to reduce the swell on your eyes is to cover them with slices of the cucumber. However, you can apply some ice cubes on the swell to get the better feelings in the case that there is not any cucumber in your refrigerator. To get the best efficiencies, you should cover ice cubes with a piece of cloth and then respectively do acts including applying and taking out about 15 minutes.

Relieving the bruise


If you immediately apply an ice cube on the bruise, the cold will tighten the blood vessels and reduce the level of bruising and swelling. Indeed, it would be better for you to do this act after the impact as soon as possible. Be careful! Don’t apply the ice cube on your skin directly. You should cover the ice with a piece of cloth and then apply on the bruise about 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Deodorizing the smelly rubbish:

The trash has the terrible smell. Before using some the hygiene kits such as bleach and other chemicals, you should try putting some ice cubes and some pieces of lemon peel into the dustbin and shake it to clear the dirty grease layers as well as to deodorize the smelly rubbish.

Filtering the fat:

To remove the fat in the soups, sauces and stews, you just need to put a ladle with some ice cubes into the dishes. As a result, the layers of the fat will cling to the surface of the ice cubes.

Polishing the bottles and jars:

Actually, you can find it difficult to clean the glass bottles and jars with the narrow necks. Don’t worry! You can use the way of putting some ice cubes from portable ice maker, some salt and some slices of lemon into these containers and shake this mixture about minutes. The salt has the ability to cleanse whereas the lemon can remove the layers of grease. The ice will support these substances in cleaning the dirt.

Removing the gum:

For this kind of stain, you can remove it by using the way of rubbing the gum stains on the clothes again and again with an ice cube. This way will make the gum hardened. Then, you use a spoon to take them out easily.