Woman drinking a coconut cocktail with closed eyes

5 Great Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut water helps to not only slake people’s thirst but also contribute to make skin and hair softer. Besides, it has function to support digestive system and strengthen immune system.

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Fresh coconut water is considered as a type of refresh drink in many tropical countries. It has many great benefits for our health, especially to dispel thirst, refresh the body and supplement lots of essential minerals. This is really a wonderful drink in summer.

  • 5 Great Benefits Of Coconut WaterImprove skin’s and hair’s beauty: According to many researches from scientists, coconut water contains cytokinin which has function to control development of skin’s cell. Besides, it has acid lauric to prevent skin from getting old, keep balance of pH degree, create a connection among cells and keep skin wet. A useful advice from doctors is that you should dab coconut water on your skin before going to bed every evening, so that it can help to reduce acnes, wrinkles and eczema.
  • Keep fit: Coconut water is a natural electrolysis that has advantage of refreshing thirst and reinforce metabolism in the body. This drink contains fewer calories than other fruits, but it supplies lots of nutrition for our body. If you want to have a good shape, this drink will be an ideal choice for you.
  • Support digestive system: As you know, acid lauric exists a lot in coconut water’s ingredient. However, this type of acid can be metabolized into monolaurin which has effects on against virus, bacteria, worms, and parasite in digestive system. Thus, coconut water is similar to a simple medicine to deal with troubles of digestive system. You can mix a poon of olive oil with a glass of coconut water to drink every day.
  • Reproduce energy quickly: This drink is capable of supplementing energy greatly because it contains plenty of vitamin, minerals and nutrition. In addition, it has little sugar and sodium to not make the body fatter while it is rich of potassium and calcium to provide maximum energy for the body.

5 Great Benefits Of Coconut Water

  • Intensify immune system: As mentioning above, coconut water has a variety of minerals such as acid lauric, chlorid, iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphor. These minerals help not only to balance health of muscles, cardiovascular, nerve and immune systems but also to absorb nutrition inside the body.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial: According to many studies, they indicate that coconut water is very helpful to against with inflammatory. This benefit helps to cure some popular and serious diseases such as getting cold, stomachache, and kidney diseases. Moreover, this drink is healthy to control blood pressure and cholesterol.